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What we do

ENROYALE Global Services Limited is an astute, globally minded management consulting firm that provides services in Human Resource Management (HR), Project Management, Business Development, Strategic Management and Capacity Building. We work closely with our clients, helping them solve complex problems, devise invaluable strategies for excellent performance and improve the general operations of their organization.
We are fully committed to our clients’ and our people’s development and growth through the introduction of internationally proven Innovations, Ideas, Products and Services. All of our services are aimed towards enhancing the productivity of organizations, by augmenting the workforce while also focusing on the improvement of strategy, operations, and process quality.

Why Us

Because in a disrupted world, we need something different.

Our Unique Proposition

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to organisations across industries. Our primary strength is in our analytical, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Be it an SME, a start-up or an established organisation (public or private), we start by absorbing a great deal of information about our clients, using our proprietary frameworks to guide the identification of problems, analyse available data, and make clear and useful recommendations for more efficient ways to accomplish business targets, while also managing the process of effective implementation of proffered solutions.

At ENROYALE, our job is to tip business scales in clients’ favour by developing bold strategies that give them comparative advantage in their market segments. Our team of expert consultants are well versed and equipped to help clients implement tailored and proven strategies and models, end to end.

Our Core Values 

Integrity: We act with an internal code of honour by always doing the right thing, whether or not anyone is watching. 

Teamwork: As a team, we support one other by creating a superior work environment to deliver exceptional customer service experiences. 

Respect: We treat our clients with high regard to foster good working relationship. 

Enthusiasm: Our services are delivered with unparalleled passion. 

Excellence: We use best practices and applicable innovation to achieve better results for clients. 

Accountability: We make certain that our processes are transparent and failproof, while taking responsibility for any unforeseen shortfall in service delivery. 

Our Precepts 

At the core of ENROYALÈ’s mission is a set of guiding principles. They cut across five specific areas, as follows:

Clientele: We believe that success in business is reciprocal; so we always prioritize clients’ needs and strive to create a win-win every time. 

Staffing: Performance is intricately staff-driven and a function of teamwork; hence, we are a repository of astute and excellent professionals with proven track record. 

Technology: In tandem with the dynamism of the world we live in and how it affects business climate, we keenly source and imbibe new technologies and methodologies for bolstering clients’ business outputs. 

Cooperation: In the absence of crosscutting cooperation and effective communication, the prospects for business success will be bleak; so we are forward to foster this in client organisations, thereby boosting outputs. 

Growth: Business growth is a function of different variables that must play together to achieve winning results. We make it our business to help clients achieve desirable and lasting growth for their enterprise, incorporating the different key factors. 

Let's Work Together!

Helping clients gain competitive advantage through their people.